The capital of Alberta is a lively town with sensational nighttime entertainment and deep cultural roots. History and the arts have combined to create a town worthy of several nicknames, like "Gateway to the North," "Canada's Festival City," the "Oil Capital of Canada" and the "City of Champions." Founded in 1795 as a fur trading post, Edmonton was also the focus of the Klondike Gold Rush. Despite its "boom town" character, city planners maintained a balance between urban growth and the environment. The result is an appealing city with a mix of Victorian architecture, modern city excitement, and soothing green spaces, all nestled into the curves of the North Saskatchewan River.

Fine restaurants and an exploding arts scene are held in high regard by the city folk and visitors for their quality and diversity. Outdoor recreation starts near and stretches far, withcountless parks along the riverbank and endless miles of virtually untouched land outside the city limits. Visit and you might give it yet another nickname - "My Favorite Canadian Town!"
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