Part of New Brunswick's Tidal Experience Zone, Moncton is an excellent base for exploring "Phenomenal Fundy," a marine wonder. Home of the world's highest tides, the Bay of Fundy rises as much as 60 feet, twice a day, in turn emptying and filling Moncton's Petitcodiac River twice a day. The sight and sounds of the tidal bore rushing along the river banks is just one of the unique experiences that await you in this vibrant town. Magnetic Hill boasts another fascinating experience you'll want to write home about. There, you'll have the unique opportunity to defy gravity as a strange force pulls your car uphill! Sounds strange - but seeing is believing.

Other diversions in Moncton include Crystal Palace for fun games and rides, Magic Mountain Water Theme Park, and a lively downtown featuring great shopping, vibrant nightlife and live performances at the beautifully restored Capital Theater. In nearby Hopewell Cape, you can kayak past 4-story "flowerpot rocks" during high tide; then at low tide, you can walk around them on the dry ocean floor!
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